Thursday, 30 October 2014

Security tips for your website

          hi, all, got this information from a friend and i want to share it with you. this will help you have a more safe and secure online platform; website.

Why do hackers do what they do?
There are several reasons why a hacker would compromise an otherwise secured system. Here are just a few of them
1. For financial gain
This is no surprise as money is a major motivator for most of the things we do. In some cases, hackers attack major establishments to steal sensitive data. In some other cases, hackers compromise regular sites to upload malicious scripts which they use to send out scam mails to unsuspecting victims.
2. To make a statement
Some hackers compromise systems to make a statement. There have been several
cases in the past where hackers have defaced government websites in solidarity of ongoing discuss, using the sites as a medium to send their messages. Some hackers also deface a lot of regular website to spread their message of terror.
3. To test their skills
Some hackers also gain access to secured system for bragging rights. They love the challenge and they are usually not quiet about this. In many cases, they target the most secured systems just so they can say that they were the ones that compromised them. In some other cases, hackers just simply want you to know that your site just isn't safe.
As you must have noticed above, anyone may be a target of a hacker, regardless of how insignificant you think your site is.
What can I do?
While providers, such as WhoGoHost, have gone to extensive lengths to protect their systems from grand compromises, the weakest link is from the user. Imagine you purchased a house with the state of the art security system, doors that are impenetrable and windows that cannot break. What happens when you do not lock the door? That is exactly the situation when you do not take necessary security steps to protect your site.
Here are some tips that should help you
1. Always use STRONG passwords
I know you want to use a password that you can easily remember. But your phone number, date of birth or even your middle name are not good passwords! Most sites are compromised because of weak passwords as hackers run scripts that basically try to gain access using several possible passwords. The weaker your password, the faster they gain access.
A strong password usually contains a mix of upper and lower case alphabets, numbers and special characters and should be at least 10 characters long. You may also generate a strong password from sites such You should also never use the same password for more than one account. You are always safer with a strong password.
2. Always use safe and secured devices and networks
Ensure that you have updated antivirus software running on all devices that you use to access your secured backends. Also, be sure to only use networks that you can trust to prevent your login details from being stolen
3. Secure your application and always update your scripts
Are you using Joomla, WordPress or any other popular CMS to manage your site? These applications are constantly attacked by hackers so you should ensure they are always updated and you only use plugins/components/extensions from trusted vendors. You should also take additional steps to secure your installation. You may click here for more details.
4. Never share your login details with anyone
If you must give your login details to anyone, ensure that you change your password once the person is finished with it. The only person you can truly trust is yourself!
5. Get SiteLock!
SiteLock helps you scan your site and remove malware. It also gives you suggestions on how to better secure your account after performing an in depth analysis of your site. Protect your site today and get SiteLock

Source of information: Toba O. CEO, WhoGoHost Limited
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