Wednesday, 17 July 2013

New Google Maps Now Open to Everyone — No Invite Needed

just saw this and this is awesome, i just had to tell you guys about the new Google map
Google Maps' redesigned web app is now open to everyone — and no invites are necessary.
In a tweet sent Tuesday night, @GoogleMaps said users simply have to "sign up" to access the new app.
Under the "desktop" section of the new Google Maps' about page, users are prompted to click "Try now." Doing so will send them to a preview of the revamped app. From now on, whenever users visit the URL, they will be redirected to
Similarly, users who still have the old version of Maps will see an option to "Get the new Google Maps" on the app's left-hand side.
New Google Maps  1
Previously, the new Maps was only accessible on an invite-only basis.
Will you try out the new Maps? Tell us in the comments, below.
Image: Google

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