Monday, 8 July 2013

dealing with the past

here is an article i want you all to read, it was a sermon by my pastor and mentor,pastor Kingsley Okonkwo
this is just a brief recap...

topic="dealing with the past by PST.Kingsley Okonkwo"

you can't focus on the past and future at the same time,God has a better future for you than what you have seen in the past..."you can't drive forward ,looking in the rear view mirror".
you must forget the bad past(mistakes and wrong decisions etc) to lay hold of the glorious future.

steps to take
1. realize you must first forgiven yourself; if God has forgiven you, why can't you forgive yourself (1thel 1:9)

2.forgive the person that offended you: forgive them and move on,don't keep malice and at the same time keep your distance from them if necessary to avoid conflicts or the past from creeping back in(that doesn't mean if you see them face to face you wouldn't exchange greetings!)

3.let go and let God (ep 3.20)..God always provides a far better option .far above your imagination e.g Paul was a better option and a replacement for Judahs ischariot;Jesus was a better option for Adam after Adam fell,even Elisha that replaced Elijah (isi 61:7, Joel 2:25)

4. learn from the experience: don't repeat the same mistake with another person. write the reasons for your break up down and learn from it

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