Monday, 28 January 2013

Tiket mobile : Get Tickets. Easy

i stumbled upon this mobile app that helps travels find and get tickets travel tickets from the comfrot of their mobile phones, whether your travelling by bus or plane....

this is what the creators of this app have to say:

I am very excited to introduce Tiketmobile to you. Tiketmobile lets travellers find and buy bus tickets conveniently from their mobile devices.
Tiketmobile was first conceived and built at Start-up Weekend Lagos in September 2011. Between then and now, we have iterated a number of times on our platform, strategy and offering. Currently, to buy tickets on Tiketmobile, a user would have to access it from our mobile website, If the user is visiting from a mobile phone, they are automatically redirected there.
Tiketmobile has one bus company listed and is currently in talks with up to five other companies. We hope to sign-up all providers of interstate bus transport. We would put out announcements on our blog as we move forward on this quest.
To enable payment, we worked closely with Interswitch to integrate their “Pay with QuickTeller” platform with Tiketmobile. This allows users to pay for their tickets on Tiketmobile website using their ATM card; and also from any of the hundreds of thousand Interswitch ATM machines nationwide. Payment on our website is handled by Interswitch, we don’t take card information directly, and so users’ card details are in safe hands.
We believe that mobile money is the future of payment in Africa, so we have reached an agreement with a major mobile money provider to tightly integrate mobile money platform. We are currently working on the integration, which would work alongside our “Pay with QuickTeller” option, and we would make announcements as we progress.

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