Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Who wore it better: Vien vs. Nnenna

these are two women i respect a lot, because not only do i know them i have also worked with them in the past. Bamidele Osagie aka Vien is a rapper(vien007),an actress,a red carpet presenter and like me a BLOGGER ; a very good one at that .check for your self HERE .Now Nnenna Agasu, is a career woman whose work experience is second to none, she has worked with global fleet,Lagos state government,a business woman and recently the owner of a big fashion house that deals major with bridals in the heart of Lagos called THE HOUSE OD DOROTHY check it out HERE

so who in your opinion in wore this gown better(bear in mind the dress was made by Nnenna herself)
happy viewing


Anonymous said...

Hehehe Nnenna diddddd but they both rocked it welll

Mr. yarnz said...

wats ur reason for your choice

Esther Oyelowo Taiwo said...

Nnenna wore it better as it sit's perfectly on her like it was sculptured. Perhaps, because she made it herself. Ms Vien although, has the curves to carry it off, the fitting let's her down I'm afraid.
Nevertheless, both women look gorgeous!

Vien Smart said...

See fashion police revamped, lol, nice one mr. Yarns

missmobo said...

Vien nailed it,see d hips now....Sat perfectly on her,d dress was perfect on her,Nnena try but Vien go girl