Thursday, 11 October 2012

pic of the day.. Eva Alordiah


Would you rock that on a red, black, any colour carpet?  she she hot or wat!


Esther Oyelowo Taiwo said...

Oh, I love this look from the knee up. Particularly, the hairdo/colour. I love the fact that she broke away from the mode of black, black and black. Black women should embrace hair colour. We have the skintone to carry it off. We are women of colour, we can wear any colour; bold,vibrant and clashing colours and it would suit us perfectly well. Ever wonder why western women tan their skin to look like us? Therefore, this should apply to our hair also. Well done Eva, bravo! However, you let yourself down with the choice of footwear. Although brave of you to attempt this, I'm afraid, it didn't quite work for me. Maybe I'm biased when it comes to trainers, I loathe them! They're sportwear. Hence, should remain so and restricted to the sportsground. You are not Lily Allen for crying out loud. Aside this little blip, girl, you rock!

Mr. yarnz said...

i totally agree with u on that esther