Wednesday, 31 October 2012

London Metropolitan Police arrest of Governor Ajimobi’s wife

London Metropolitan Police has confirmed the arrest of Mrs. Florence Ajimobi, wife of Oyo state Governor, over money laundering.
The Met confirmation came this afternoon following an enquiry by P.M.NEWS on the story making the rounds that Mrs. Ajimobi was arrested in London, with the sum of 400,000 pounds and thousands of US dollars, valued at N500million.
The Met simply said ‘Yes’ to our question, seeking confirmation about the arrest.
However, the organization declined to give further information about the matter, citing a UK law.
“I am sorry, we are unable to disclose any information to you under the Data Protection Act,” an officer in the MET Lambeth Office responded.

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Queen Esther said...

This is a typical example of 'more money, no sense!'. Well, no surprise there as they never worked for the money in the first place. What a complete and utter shame! Well done Scotland Yard, more of this please. I hope others like her will learn from this and desist from this criminal practice.