Thursday, 6 September 2012

Mistakes ladies make in a relationship! (2)

top of the money folks, okay lets me continue from where i stopped last nite. Now i will be listing things of mistakes ladies should avoid while in a relationship in full details,ad i learnt from my pastor...

  1. ladies don't target a particular man,especially someone who has not made a commitment to you ; maybe you like him and admire him and you are just hovering around him and he hasn't said anything to you about marriage. If he truly loves you,he will follow the right way and the the right thing.
  2. Don't rush into a relationship you know its not good,don't stay when the guy does not respect you or value you, because you feel you may not find another person like him. Its either your in the BLESSING MODE or THE HUSTLE MODE. you must learn to trust on God and have joy(joy comes from within and not from the outside) PHIL 4:7
  3. ladies please don't have a BACK UP PLAN in a relationship; dating different people at the same time,saving different guys numbers with different names on your phone and giving them different times to visit or call you (lol), because this will back fire in so many ways, while your focusing your attention on a particular person, you will lose the right person God ordained for you to marry.
  4. Don't ENVY or COVERT you friends or some one else fiancee;never allow envy stay in your heart.
  5. Don't depend on what you THINK YOU HAVE  or DON'T HAVE: maybe your too fat or too thin and mind you,people thinner and fatter than you are married or your too short; people shorter than you are married and  your too dark; people darker than you are married, you see ladies bleaching, wanting to turn yellow and maybe your husband to be wants to marry a dark lady and God brings him your way and he can't recognize you. 
  6. As a lady, you must have a purpose and be following and fulfilling purpose, that way a man will find you very attractive, because he will see you doing something and such things attract good men to you.
  7. Have a good character and learn to be kind to every one not just to eligible bachelors; learn to be caring and kind to every one like REBECCA  in the bible.
  8. Take care of yourself and dress well, smell good etc, appearance is important.
so these are just some few points, will keep you all posted.


  please note that marriage is a negotiation the person must want you the same way you want him or her.

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