Wednesday, 6 June 2012

computer security tips! ( part 1)

As i promised to those on my blackberry list, i will be sharing some tips on computer security i learnt from standard university online courses , this made me in time past not to blog regularly , but now an through and you all will benefit from my sweet and time for free!

Computer security is a big and kind of dramatic area, and it can look scary. I'll talk about the most important and interesting ideas. Keeping safe is not that hard.

Computer Attacks

Below we'll tour through the three most common type of attack in broad categories:
1. Password attack,
2. Phishing attack,
3. Malware attack

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first of all some things you need to note,

Bad Guy or hacker  Attacks - Bulk

  • Typically the bad guys are not crafting some attack just for you
  • They send in the millions rather crude attacks, just snaring the most clumsy victims
  • If you avoid the most common errors, you will probably be fine
  • I don't have any anti-virus software, and I have not had any problems (no Microsoft though)
  • "Spear phishing" refers to sophisticated attacks targeted at a specific person - rare 
we that in mind, lets us proceed ,

1- Password Attacks

  • The bad guy could try to guess your password on a site
  • Try to log in again and again
  • Works if the password is common, e.g. "password" "password123"
  • Also known as "dictionary attack", try all the words in a dictionary
  • This fails mostly, but success here and there with an account with a poor password is good enough for the bad guys
  • Therefore: avoid having an obvious or commonly used password
    -a word in a dictionary
    -a pun or something that someone else might also use 
will continue with more tips tomorrow so stay tuned! 


Anonymous said...

this is so lovely, learnt alot from it, thanks mr.yanze or should i say okemini

Mr. yarnz said...

your welcome...didnt get ur name, am so glad to help, please stay tuned for more juicy info..