Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Even kids have their own beauty contest! for the Ohamara's

was contact my a dear friend of mine via BBM  ( black berry messenger )to vote for her little niece and nephew in an on going beauty contest for kids and i was like " seriously " even kids have that going on?..after my investigations, i was impressed by the efforts of NaijaGeogeousKids brand,in their efforts in improving the image and out look of the nigerian child.
So having said all that, am using this medium to appeal to all my readers to please vote for Chibuike Ossy-Ohamara and Chizara Ossy-Ohamara ( this kids are soooo! cute).


Log unto , register on d website by creating an account , then sign in, click on ' vote a contestant', scroll down and you will see the pics of  Chibuike Ossy-Ohamara and Chizara Ossy-Ohamara. click on the star above their pics can vote once everyday till 27th of may 2012!


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