Monday, 16 April 2012

Meet SUGARR ;a star is Born

Now, i was approached by this young man and he tells me his song is d bomb and i was like...' yeah right, here we go again'( in my mind oh), so i listened to his song and i was like wow! his guitar was on point!!...his name is SUGARR( don't ask me how he got that name);he is the first artist on the brand new positive thinking music label. He is a versatile vocalist and a charmer on the guitar. SUGARR's style is something between R&B, Rock and soul. His new single  titled "Iyawo Lo" (wife dey go) is already getting exciting comments from top music industry executives and fans. No need to look out for this artist, he already going for the top!

to hear his song please follow the 

yarnz says : watch out for this guy!!

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