Saturday, 14 April 2012

Kano state gives 1000 women; husbands...wonders shall never end!!!

Kano State Government is sponsoring a matchmaking scheme where single, divorced and widowed women can sign up to find husbands. Over a 1000 women in Kano have joined the scheme and more than twice that amount of men have applied to be given a wife.

in last month, men have been flocking to the northern Nigerian city of Kano in their thousands, some dressed in sharp, tailor-made suits, others carrying worn leather brief cases containing divorce papers and medical certificates.

Some are widowed or divorced. Others say they have simply been unlucky in love. All are hoping to win the chance to wed one of the 1000 women looking for husbands under the new scheme sponsored by the the state of Kano.

Kano state has been rocked by Boko Haram-issued violence in recent months, but as a result of the new programme, the city - home to more than a million widowed or divorced women - is gaining a new reputation: as a mecca for matchmaking.

So far, 2000 men ranging in age from 20 to 85 have applied for the marriages, which will be held en masse at the end of April and will be fully financed by the state.

Angry about the lack of men willing to marry divorced or widowed women in Kano, one million women were mobilesd, calling on them to march through the streets of the city in protest. The state intervened, coming up with the novel idea as a way of dampening tensions.

The new scheme gives women "a second chance,". And there are tough penalties for men who want to back out of the marriages: they will be fined 1.5 million naira (7,200 euros).

YARNZ says....guess its a good and bad choice to follow this ...

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