Monday, 16 April 2012

customer is king!...customer and i!

All over the world, so many businesses have crumbled while so many are suffering or standing on one leg due to lack of respect for its customers. What most of these failing business lacks is not the ability to activate their products and engage customers but, the ability to maintain a good relationship with their Customers.
You would agree that, here in Nigeria, access to a respectful customer relation is embarrassingly low. What is more saddening is the fact that customers do not know their right.
Customer service persons have been accused largely of throwing away all customer service tips they learnt before securing their respective positions. The supervisors also do not enforce or monitor the way the staff relates with customers.
Service to customers is often times treated as though a favour rather a service
However, a small section of people who are often regarded as elite repeatedly complain about such services. Often times, customers have tried in vain to reach manufacturers or seller to lodge a complaint, burden or even concern about a product or to report an unfriendly  behavior meted  by an official of an organization, and painfully  even when the customers is lucky to get through, the complain or report is swept under the carpet.  The truth is a lot of sellers do not even know the importance of customer to do their businesses.
One may begin to wonder then that if customers are not so important why do multi national/national organization spend billions of Dollars on advertisement every year, or why even engage the services of public relation experts at all.
For many clients who do not know where, why and how their complaints, dissatisfaction or frustrations should be poured out in order to prevent a repetition, “My customer & I” presents this platform

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